10 Things I wish I knew as a First Year

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Briana S. Davidson, staff writer

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While first-years have been on our campus for a few months now and have tackled a wide range of obstacles, made new friends, made it past midterms and enjoyed fall break, this semester and the first year still are not over.

As advising approaches, Thanksgiving break is knocking on the door and Winter break is near.  Here is a list of 10 things upperclassmen wish they knew as a first-year.

  1. I wish I knew to bring extra chargers.
  2. I wish I knew not to put off a lot of  General ED classes until my senior year.
  3. I wish I knew to get involved as much as I could, but not to overdo it.  School is what you make it, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Many organizations also have big sisters for first-years designed to assist with the transition to college.
  4. I wish someone had told me to explore what  Columbia has to offer because you won’t like school very much if you are always bored. Have fun, but remember you are still in school.
  5. I wish I knew to stop eating so many extra plates and ice cream in the dining hall because your parents will notice and tell you when you go home on breaks.
  6. I wish someone had told me that during finals week classes don’t meet at the usual times, so check the finals schedule.
  7. I wish I knew not to try to go home every weekend because it makes the adjustment tougher.
  8. I wish I had thought to discuss a shower schedule with my roommates and suitemates.
  9. I wish I knew it’s okay not to fit in. Our school counselor/therapist is here to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need someone.
  10. I wish I remembered my professors are not my friends.  Be sure to email professors professionally and if they give you a personal cell number don’t abuse it.
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