15 things NOT to do during exam week

Sabrina Stevens, staff writer

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As exam week nears, students tend to do many things on impulse.

Even though some of these may seem like good ideas at the time, at the end of exam week, these are all regrets you will have. You will promise that you won’t do it the next year, but then, here you are, doing it anyway. Hopefully, you got to this article before it was too late.

  1. Pull All Nighters

    No matter how much of a good idea it seems like to stay up late and work on a paper or a project, I promise you getting a full night’s sleep will help you in the end. If anything, go to bed early, and you can get up to work on it.
  2. Spend Way Too Much Money on Coffee

    This leads to two things: an empty wallet and late nights because of a caffeine overdose.
  3. Gorge Yourself on Candy

    A sugar rush leading to the inevitable crash is the last thing you need when you have finals to study for.
  4. Stay in Your Room All Day
    I promise it will do you more harm than good. Please, go get some fresh air and clear your mind before you dive back into studying.
  5. Procrastinate
    You’ll be so lost in your studying (or let’s be real, your lack of studying) that you’ll forget that actual assignments are also due this week. If you finish them early, then you won’t have to worry at all.
  6. Invest in New Makeup

    It is not the time to get new makeup and try every combination of it out. It’s just another distraction.
  7. Not Do Laundry
    The last thing you need is to not have clean clothes. Clean clothes will help you relax, and isn’t that what we all want to do?
  8. Drink Excessive Amounts of Alcohol
    This is not the time to get drunk. I repeat, NOT the time to get drunk.
  9. Sleep All Day
    As great as this one sounds, it’s almost as detrimental as pulling an all nighter. Even if you don’t have assignments and you have to study only for tests, sleeping too much is not the answer.
  10. Start Binging a New Netflix Show
    Listen, just don’t do this.
  11. Buy a Pet
    This distraction may be cute, but maybe wait until after exam week and see if you still want that pet.
  12. Eat Only Fast Food
    This will just make you sluggish. Fast food is not brain food.
  13. Spend Hours Taking Buzzfeed Quizzes
    I know we all want to know what disney princess we are or what kind of donut is our spirit animal. Just wait until after exam week. I promise that every single quiz will still be there, and more!
  14. Stay in Pajamas All Day
    You can’t go outside if you’re in your pajamas all day, so remember to put on real clothes. It’ll also help you be more productive as well.
  15. Begin a DIY Craft Project

    As cool as it may seem, it’s another distraction that could just end up frustrating you more and more. This is a week to relax while also being productive with school work.
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