Fourth-grade teacher scrutinized for work attire

Four different women posed in work attire in defense of #TeacherBae.

Photo Credit Sherrell Hood, Facebook user

Four different women posed in work attire in defense of #TeacherBae.

Lauren Fleming, Staff Writer

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For the past few weeks, Patrice Brown, fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta, Georgia has been a topic of debate for her attire and body type deemed too inappropriate for her profession.

The controversy sparked early September when photos were released of Brown on social media with the suggestion that she was too improperly dressed to be an elementary teacher.

However, others immediately fired back, saying it was completely absurd to draw conclusions about Brown based on the way she dresses and unfair to shame her for the body type she has.

CC students are now talking about the so called “Teacher Bae” from Atlanta.

“I hate that curvaceous women are being policed for the body they were born with,” Sierra Cross, junior math major, said. “I don’t think they should have to change the way they’re dressed to make other people feel more comfortable.”

The school board reprimanded Brown after complaints were filed from parents.

“Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional employed with the district. She was given guidance regarding the APS employee dress code, the use of social media and George Code of Ethics for Educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media,” according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Since then, several other photos of curvy women in their work attire have surfaced and gone viral in defense of Teacher Bae (see photo).

Brown has made all of her social media accounts private.

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