C3PD hosts graduate school fair

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C3PD hosts graduate school fair

Hannah Thier, staff writer

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Representatives from several universities were present at the Graduate School Fair held recently. Recruiters, who lined the walls of the Dining Hall, were very open and inviting, encouraging students to take an interest in continuing to further their education. Those I spoke to were well informed and able to answer any question that was thrown their way. This event was held, October 24, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the Student Union Dining Hall.

One school at the fair was the University of South Carolina. The two representatives at the table were Charles Portney and Shana Watson. Portney is the Manager of Student Recruitment, and Watson is the Student Services Program Coordinator. They are recruiting specifically for their School of Journalism and Mass Communications and their School of Library and Information Science. “We’ve been recruiting here for several years, and even before that I was here recruiting for the Peace Corps,” Portney said.

Pictured above are Charles Portney and Shana Watson, representatives of the University of South Carolina.

Another school at the fair was Winthrop University. The representative at this table was Jessica D. Cauthen. She is the Recruiter and Communications Coordinator for the school. Cauthen recently started working at Winthrop, but in past years has worked with Columbia College students and praised “Students here are well prepared,” Winthrop offers over 40 graduate programs and in addition to four online graduate programs.

Also in attendance was Troy University. The representative at the school’s table was Ashley Strickland. When asked why she came to Columbia College she said, “We go all over South Carolina. Columbia College was on the list of schools,” Troy University offers many online graduate programs. Some of those being: Master of Arts in History, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, and many more.

There will be a Grad School Preparation Workshop held on November 8 at 4pm-5pm in BLC 103.

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