A caucus race to the finish

Colleen Roach, Staff Writer

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The 2016 Iowa Caucus was the first way to see who is doing well with the voters.

The Iowa Caucus is the first round of the primary voting in the United States, and it occurred Feb. 1.  Ted Cruz won the Republican vote at 27.6 percent, followed by Donald trump in second place with 24.3 percent.

“I knew that people would realize that even though Donald Trump is the candidate that talks the most talk, at the end of the day he doesn’t have the right experience to run the country. And I personally believe that Ted Cruz is the one who, as far as Republicans go, has the most experience and has the country’s best interest at heart,” Christina Dunn, CC sophomore said.

The Democratic vote was a race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For several hours the two were neck and neck, nearly ending in a tie until Clinton won the vote with 49.9 percent and Sanders with 49.6 percent.

“I thought the Iowa Caucus was interesting. The votes for Clinton and Sanders were so close it was virtually a tie. I think this is going to be interesting in following states,” Asha Jones, CC first year said.

“I don’t think Hillary should have won the Democratic vote, Bernie is the favorite from most young people, unfortunately many young people fail to vote so the candidate wanted by older voters won,” Bronwyn McDaniel, CC sophomore said.

The South Carolina Republican primaries will be taking place Feb. 20, and the Democratic primaries on Feb. 27.

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