CC student attends Bernie Sanders rally at Benedict College

Lauren Fleming

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Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont and 2016 presidential democratic candidate hopeful, was at Benedict College Sept. 12. Several Columbia College students, including myself, showed up early in hopes of a spot on stage behind Sanders, as he made his speech. Most of us were able to speak to the Senator, shake his hand and take pictures. Being at a historically black college was his chance to express concerns about racial tension and inequality. He pulled a large crowd and received positive feedback for his appearance.

Bernie “Feel the Bern” Sanders has been initiating uncomfortable conversations that need to be had for 30 years. When we look to those currently running for president, there exists untrustworthy inconsistency. Sanders has remained steadfast in his proposed policies for his entire career: a national, single-payer health care system, free public higher education, wealth and income inequality, preserving social security, improved veteran affairs, increased civil rights, combatting climate change and reforming Wall Street.

This rally solidified my personal approval of Sanders. I am impressed to see that he has been working for women’s rights and income equality for 30 years. Sanders boldly addresses the hypocrisy within the Republican Party. Candidates like Ted Cruz oppose gay marriage because of the Christian Bible, but thinks religion should not interfere with politics when the Pope addresses climate change. Abortion clinics are under attack because of personal morality, yet the tax dollars that go towards food and medical attention for these babies are proposed to be cut. The necessity of higher education increases every year, and the cost grows exponentially. Families live in destitution while working 40+ hours a week. Sanders is for gay marriage and the further study of climate control and how it will/is effecting our environment. He stands with Planned Parenthood because he fights for women’s rights regarding their bodies. He proposes to make all public higher education free and supports a raised minimum wage to cover the cost of living. He opposes personal tax breaks to the richest people in the country, while children go hungry. Sanders sees these injustices and is willing to talk about them and compromise. Bernie Sanders may not have perfect solutions for every issue, but he does recognize and honor the problems of the American people. He has great insight, intellect and passion towards the betterment of our country.

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