CC student showcases talent at Art Walk

Hannah Thier, staff writer

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The Art Walk of Lexington, located at the Icehouse Amphitheater, was held on September 22, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This venue is for aspiring artists and local vendors who showcase their abilities. As artists were setting up, they were also walking around seeing if anyone needed anything. They were supporting each other.

Columbia College student, Breanna Norton, a studio art major, showcased her artwork at this event. When asked why she chose that major, Norton explained that she is also minoring in psychology and wants to be able to help special needs children through art therapy. Norton also gave a bit of advice for her fellow aspiring artist, “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you aren’t an artist. Find a way to like your art. I forget that people like my art because I don’t.”

These are some pieces artist Breanna Norton sold at the Art Walk of Lexington.

This statement did not shock me, seeing as how many artists tend to believe their artwork is not the best that is can be. Norton had several pieces for sale, including framed art and small gift boxes.

Another local vendor, Charlotte Jackson, showcased her unique handmade jewelry. Jackson talked about how she made jewelry throughout middle and high school. While in college, she learned about “Wire Wrapping” and has been doing that  ever since. Some of her pieces involve resin and flowers. Other pieces are wire wrapped stones. Jackson has also exhibited her work in Soda City.

All the proceeds from the Art Walk of Lexington benefit Godspeed Resources Connection (GRC), “An independent faith based organization dedicated to enabling global workers to thrive,” according to their website.

Most of the artists I saw at this event were middle aged or older. While some of the vendors were younger, like Norton, the rest seemed to have been at their craft for quite some time. Overall, the event seemed to be a warm and inviting place for people to come and view great art, see different types of crafts and enjoy the food provided. Not only that, visitors are also supporting local vendors.

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