CC students take-on spring semester

Melvonia Taylor, co-editor

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CC students kicked-off the spring 2017 semester Jan. 10, but they may have a difficult time transitioning from winter break to college life.

Here are a few tips:

Manage time.

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  • Make a schedule. Include classes, jobs, internships, workouts, sports, study time, etc.

Check your email frequently.

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  • The outlook app is a helpful tool to keep students and faculty notified on-the-go.

Manage your budget.

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  • Check your bank account at least once a day to keep track of spending, withdrawals and deposits. Most banks now have mobile apps to make it easier.

Make time for “me time.”

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  • College can get stressful, so it’s best to plan time for yourself or with friends. There are places to visit in Columbia, or you can watch Netflix with friends. Whatever you enjoy doing, fit it into your schedule.
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