Columbia College soccer team strives to reach new goals

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Columbia College soccer team strives to reach new goals

CC Soccer team 
Photo credit: Heather Blaszak

CC Soccer team Photo credit: Heather Blaszak

CC Soccer team Photo credit: Heather Blaszak

CC Soccer team Photo credit: Heather Blaszak

Alexa Vega, staff writer

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The women’s soccer team recently concluded their fall season with head coach Robert Hunter, inspired to enhance themselves for the next season.

Hunter has been the assistant coach over the past six years and took over the program, this year, as head coach.

The season “runs from August to November depending on how well you do in the conference tournament. And if you make it to nationals, it runs all the way up to Thanksgiving time. The first thing we have next year is a scrimmage on Aug. 22. The players will report to the school somewhere in the second week of August, usually, and then you expect it to end around mid-November,” Hunter said.

“We did well in the conference with three games left as we were 6- 2 and tied for first. We had beaten the team that was tied with us, so, it meant that if we won out, we won. We ran into some injury issues and it’s tough; the conference is tough,” Hunter said.

“I’d say we had a lot of potential to finish first overall, but the lack of young talent brought us down as a whole when the seniors left,” Heather Blaszak, junior business major, said. The team works hard every day to enhance their skill, as they have lost multiple seniors who held up the team in strength and depth, according to Hunter.

“My goal for next year is to push everyone and, hopefully, become a captain who can lead on the field. I want to take a trip to nationals for my senior year and go out with a bang,” Blaszak said.

Practice is key to the team, and they practice three times a day in the preseason. “The practices we usually follow are routine as far as the order: jog and stretch, get a few laps in at the start, and then we’ll do some technical work, get plenty of touches on the ball. That’s a lot of either partner or even individual work because what we don’t want when we’re doing technical stuff is for them to be waiting in line for forever,” Hunter said.

“My goal for next year is to push everyone.” 

Heather Blaszak

Over the years, the team has created a bond that won’t break, according to Hunter. “We do spend a ton of time together, obviously, in preseason where you’ve got the three practices a day plus meals. We try to get into community service events; we try and make sure that we are there for each other as much as possible,” Hunter said.

“Soccer here has been so much fun already and just a really great way to continue my love for the game,” Blaszak said. “Coach Rob is great. He isn’t overbearing but still applies enough pressure for me to do well. He challenges me by helping me out with the things I didn’t necessarily want to work on but needed to.”

The team made it to conference. “We beat the team that came first. We lost 2-1 to a team that came second, and we beat the team that came third. So out of the top 3 teams, we beat two of them and lost to a goal to the other one,” Hunter said.





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