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Book Review: “The Hard Truth About Soft Skills”Hard%20Truth%20About%20Soft%20Skills%20Book%20Cover

Peggy Klaus. Harper Collins Publishers, 2007 pp.173.

A review by Hanna Debruhl, Career Coach, Institute for Leadership and Professional Development

What’s so great about soft skills? Why do we keep reading that millennials don’t possess soft skills and why are they so important? In her book, “The Hard Truth About Soft Skills,” Peggy Klaus answers this question.

 “You can have all the technical expertise in the world, but if you can’t sell your ideas, get along with others, or turn your work in on time, you’ll be going nowhere fast,” Klaus says. Soft skills help you to keep your job and be productive.

Klaus discusses everything from the importance of knowing yourself, personal branding, the art of listening and more. Soft skills are not just warm and fuzzy feelings, or being a people person; they are skills you need for any job or career you have. When you possess these skills, you possess the ability to succeed in the workplace.

 “The Hard Truth About Soft Skills” gives readers a real world account of relatable workplace successes and failures. Klaus explains what todo in various situations such as handling a bully at work, knowing your audience and how to communicate effectively with them, and marketing yourself the right way. Her purpose is to teach her readers what to do and not do at work so that they are valued.

This book has solid advice about the importance of using your soft skills to be able to progress in your job and career. It is a must read for all people young and old.

“No matter where you are in your career, whether just starting out or well on your way, you’re always a work in progress,” Klaus concludes.

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