Dina Henderson performs senior voice recital

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Dina Henderson performs senior voice recital

Colleen Roach, Staff writer

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Dina Henderson, a senior music major at Columbia College, performed her voice recital March 22.

Henderson is a soprano, and she sang a total of 11 songs, one of which was an original composition called “Let It Go Again.” She also sang “Una donna a quindici anni,” “Laurie’s Song,” “The Trees on the Mountains,” “Ich atmet’ einen linden Duft,” “Liebst du um Schonheit,” “Fruhlingsmorgen,” “L’Ombre des Arbes,” “oici que le Printemps,” “Art is Calling for Me” and “The Prayer.”

“It was amazing and I love her voice,” Emily Block, a junior music major, said.

Henderson sang a large portion of the songs in either Italian, German or French. Viewers were provided with an English translation of the songs.

“I got the songs at the beginning of the year and went to practice room every day. You have to practice them every day, or you won’t remember them,” Henderson said.

“It shows the true potential of Columbia College music students,” Ashlyn Monroe, a first year math major, said.

As a senior, this was Henderson’s last performance while at Columbia College.

“At the beginning, I was ready for the performance to be over because I was so nervous. But as it got closer to the end, I got very sad about graduating soon,” Henderson said.

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