Doing Valentine’s Day on a budget

Colleen Roach, staff writer

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That time of the year is upon us, just after Christmas and New Years, when we think we’re safe from obligatory present buying and going out; then someone asks, “What are you and your significant other doing for Valentine’s Day?”

If you can feel your bank account cringing at the thought of buying dinner and presents, don’t worry. Here are some frugal date ideas that you may want to try:

  • Love animals? What about volunteering for an animal shelter like Pawmetto Lifeline. Or you could just take some time out of busy schedules to go play with the dogs and cats looking for forever homes. Check out their website here.
  • Are you still looking for a gift for your partner and still need a date idea? Try going to The Mad Platter, Columbia’s first fired arts studio. Decorate or make ceramic art, such as a vase or cup, that they’ll enjoy, and have fun at the same time. Their website has all their store hours and events coming up on their calendar. Get a  20% discount when you show a student ID on Friday!

“My significant other and I are planning to do a cute date for Valentine’s Day. We are making each other a gift that shows how much they mean to us,” Shelby Linneman, sophomore global business major, said.

  • Dinner plans? Luckily most restaurants in Columbia offer a student discount when shown a valid school ID. Just ask your server if they offer any student discounts and then whip out your ID.
  • Just want to stay in? Grab some candy and maybe some popcorn and turn on Netflix to that television series that you started together but never finished. You could also start a new series or simply put on their favorite movie.

Whatever you and your partner decide to do this coming Valentine’s Day, make sure it’s something you both will enjoy and reminds you how much you enjoy being with them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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