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Donald Trump wins 2016 presidential election

November 9, 2016


Photo Credit: pixabay;

Photo Credit: pixabay;

The country woke up this morning to news of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Although Clinton won the national popular vote by .13 percent, Trump led with 276 electoral votes against her 218 votes, according to the Associated Press. A candidate needs only 270 electoral votes to win.

At 2:40 a.m., Clinton called Trump to concede the election but did not give a speech last night.

As a result of the election, republicans are set to retain their House and Senate majorities.

Leaders from across the globe have voiced numerous reactions to Trump’s win. During the course of his campaign, Trump made several accusations and promises that could place minorities, immigrant and other nations at risk.

Trump’s victory was viewed with shock in Ireland, while Mahmoud Abbas, president of Palestine said that he hopes “peace will be achieved” during Trump’s term, according to the Associated Press.

“It’s a trying time in our nation with such an unpredictable future,” Imani Wiley-English, senior music performance major, said. “I feel indecisive. It’s the biggest test of faith that we could have in America.”

“ I would hope that we could continue to educate ourselves more — not just complain that racism is such a big issue and factor, but educate ourselves on it since this is such a ‘diverse college,’” Wiley-English said.

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