Emily Block conducts her voice recital

Colleen Roach, Staff writer

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Emily Block, junior music major, performed her junior voice recital at College Place United Methodist Church March 29.

Block sang nine songs: “Le Violette,” “Whoever Thinks or Hopes of Love for Love,” “Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite,” “My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair,” “The Mermaid Song,” “Nacht und Traume,” “Aufenthalt,” “The Lonesome Dove” and “Never, Never Land.”

“I thought the performance was amazing. She’s spectacular and has a wonderful voice,” Nebal Abu Abdo, a first-year political science major, said.

As a junior, Block still has another year at Columbia College, and she has had previous experience performing in front of crowds.

“It’s a job that you love and want to do and look forward to. You may want to have the performance over as soon as possible, but it’s still something that you enjoy doing,” Block said.

This wasn’t the first time Block has performed for Columbia College, “The Lonesome Dove” was actually the song she used to audition to earn her music scholarship and admission into the music school.

“It’s a nice, light song that I enjoy singing and holds a lot of meaning for me. I was happy to be singing it again,” Block said.

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