Junior class takes first-place at Follies

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Junior class takes first-place at Follies

Junior class after they took first place
Photo Credit: Dr. Kirt Moody

Junior class after they took first place Photo Credit: Dr. Kirt Moody

Junior class after they took first place Photo Credit: Dr. Kirt Moody

Junior class after they took first place Photo Credit: Dr. Kirt Moody

Lauren Fleming, co-editor

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The junior class won first place at Follies 2017, CC Night Live, on Feb. 23.

Follies is one of Columbia College’s longest-running events and has remained a beloved tradition throughout the years.

Every spring, the four classes come together in competition to perform original skits. Judges, selected members of the Columbia College faculty and staff, score each class according to guidelines, including participation, originality, song/dance and other rules.

“It was exciting [to win] because we felt we had a good chance of winning last year as sophomores, but fell short of winning to the seniors and juniors,” Bryanna Gordon, junior biology major and participant in Follies, said. “It is very uncommon for a class other than the seniors to win, since they have a slight advantage; so we were very proud of that accomplishment.”

Follies guidelines include certain rules for the skits, such as no props can touch the ground; class co-chairs cannot participate and no recorded music can be used. The senior class does not have to follow any of these rules, giving them the upper-hand.

Senior class performing their skit
Photo credit: Dr. Kirt Moody

This year’s theme for Follies was CC Night Live, based on the popular TV show, Saturday Night Live. Each class had to create a skit with SNL in mind. The juniors titled their skit Late-Night Update, in which two comically different students were interviewed about their priorities: studying or partying.

The Follies theme was decided by the college community through suggestions made by students, faculty and staff, according to Rachel Chandler, Follies co-chair and junior speech-language pathology major.

The tradition is particularly special to Chandler, having been a participant for Follies in the past and being voted to help run the show this year along with Callie Klein, junior biology major.

“Follies is a huge part of what makes Columbia College great,” Chandler said. “A lot of work goes into planning the event. But in the end, it’s all worth it.”

Chandler hopes for more participation from current students in the future so the tradition lives on. Several alumnae came back to campus to see this year’s Follies, one coming back to serve as a judge, and Chandler plans to be among them next year.

The annual tradition is sponsored by Columbia College’s chapter of the National Leadership Honors Society, Omicron Delta Kappa. Ticket prices fund ODK scholarships for students to be able to join the organization.

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