Knowing Your Value: a Book Review

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Mika Brzezinski is a working woman who, after many years of being overworked and underpaid, learned her value.  In her book, Brzezinski discusses how for years she wanted to be earning more money in her television career as co-host of a popular morning show on MSNBC, and she knew she should.

The problem was she had no idea how to talk about it with her boss.

Over and over again, she saw her male colleagues earning more and wondered how they did it so easily. Brzezinski learned how to negotiate, speak up assertively and push her career forward from making and learning from her mistakes, asking for advice and finally standing up for herself.  She wants all women to do the same and start earning their value.

For her book, she interviewed many powerful women and men to learn how they successfully negotiated. She learned that none of the women “played the game exactly the way the men did. Among other things, they taught me some important lessons about getting out of my own way, learning to speak up, negotiating from a place of power instead of fear, owning my success and perhaps most important, getting the compensation I deserve.” Brzezinski also shared her personal experiences and how she fell prey to every woman stereotype from needing to be liked, to playing the victim, to the “tiara syndrome” thinking that eventually someone would see her hard work and pay her more.  She also discusses how to negotiate, why women can’t act like men in the workplace and much more.

This book is about Brzezinski’s journey of learning how to advocate for herself to get the salary she deserves.  “At some point in your life, you have to know your value. It’s your job to feel it and communicate it effectively,” Brzezinski wrote. Brzezinski is relatable, real and honest. You will feel as though you have learned a lot and made a friend in the process.  This book will have you cheering for Brzezinski and yourself, as you too learn how to discover your value.

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