Martha Brim graduates CC after 34 ½ years

Briana S. Davidson, staff writer

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Professor Martha Brim is retiring after 34 ½  years at Columbia College. Brim became a part of Columbia College’s dance faculty in Fall 1983.

While at Columbia College, she has taught thousands of students who have gone on to be dance professionals, has been awarded state and national awards and has received recognition for her choreography and teaching, has performed throughout the Southeast and has become the Artistic Director of the Power Company.   The Power Company is a professional dance company in residence at Columbia College.

Brim is the recipient of the 2001 South Carolina Arts Commission Choreographic Fellowship and a 2015 Jasper Artist of the Year.

Sara Monts, junior dance education and English major, spoke on Brim’s leadership and mentorship since she has been at CC. Monts serves as an apprentice for the Power Company Collaborative.

Monts said Brim has “guided her in everything she does” from advice for healthy dance practices to advice about life in general.

“She has an artistic ability that I could only dream of having, but her dedication to her students and Columbia College Dance Company is what truly inspires me,” Monts said. “She comes to work every single day with superior energy and the passion to move and dance. Brim’s  overall attitude on life has given me permission to want to be myself and to give dance to the world in the most generous and striking way possible. Her impact on my life is huge, and I’m so grateful for her mentorship.”


Brim’s creative spirit is “wildly abundant and inspires me to celebrate humanity through each moment I have breath,” Marcy Jo Yonkey Clayton, Ph.D., division head of music, arts and dance, said.

When asked about her most memorable experience at Columbia College, Brim said, “I have made a lot of memories here with colleagues and students. Each association has its own certain memory. Say someone’s name and most times I will have a good story for you related to that person.”

After more than 30  years at Columbia College, she has touched the lives of thousands of students, mentored hundreds of dance professionals and performed and choreographed in multiple cities and states.

Brim said, “I am giving myself time to figure out specifically what I will do, but whatever I do I will do it with love and stamp it on their head! I will continue to work with The Power Company Collaborative and work on my own artistic endeavors. Besides that, I see myself traveling.”

Brim will be missed by her students and colleagues and remembered by the legacy she imparted for the dance program and South Carolina’s dance community.

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