Our Not-So-Secret Addiction


Image from Pexels

Gabrielle Reed, Staff Writer

Respond to emails, type that paper, watch a YouTube video for class, check the weather, browse Instagram, listen to my playlist, and text Mom so she’ll know I’m still alive.

 Most people can relate. Before you get out of bed; you already have a list to accomplish for the day. And you have most likely already checked your phone before you even had human interaction. We don’t even realize how much time we actually spend on our phones throughout the day. We can easily check our phones 52 times each day, according to the U.S edition of the 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey from Deloitte. College students, in particular, stay on their phones the most according to studies.


BMC Psychiatry has reported that college students may be addicted to their cell phones. Their report states that women spend over 600 minutes on their phones and men spend over 459 on their phones every day. They also conclude that women spend more time on their cell-phones texting, sending emails, and anything that is interactive. Women are most likely to develop anxiety, depression and poor sleep quality because of the multimedia applications they use. Meanwhile, men spend their time on their phones for entertainment purposes such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. According to BMC, male students are most likely to be using games which could cause anxiety and poor sleep quality. But when it comes to our phones, we have to be realistic with how much we spend on them and find time to unplug from them.


We all can admit that spending too much time on phones can be unhealthy, but the reality is they do help us with homework, study, and keep us entertained. But the key is finding a balance of not being on your phone and just be present in the moment. To find a balance in our lives, we must set aside at least 15 minutes in our day to just unplug. Life can be fast-paced and overwhelming. Take the time to enjoy the peace and silence that comes from being able to recenter yourself.