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Maya Stevenson, Staff Writer

Whenever we hear the word privilege, what comes to mind?  Is it living in a country where your speech is protecting in an amendment? Is it the ability to walk? Is the opportunity to be able to receive a higher education? Is it white privilege? 

Whatever it may be, we live in a society that covets the opportunities and privileges of others rather than looking inward to what we have ourselves. Privilege is the problems you don’t think about because they are not problems for you. 

This morning, I woke up in an uncomfortable twin bed. I could be hung up on the fact that my bed was uncomfortable, or appreciate the fact that I woke up in a bed. Honestly, I should be grateful that I was able to wake up at all. We take tiny inconveniences and dwell in them because we really have nothing else to worry about. 

Privileges can be both small and large. If you ever feel as though you have no privileges, take another look at yourself. You should never feel bad about the privileges you have, but the key is to acknowledge them and use them to help those who might not be as privileged as you. The moment we stop acknowledging them could be the moment that you forget that not everyone lives the same life as you, and you could become desensitized to those who live a harder life.

I know for a fact that, sometimes, I myself forget that not everyone is able to live the life I live. Although there are people who possess more privileges than me, there are many people who don’t and it’s my responsibility to help those around me. It’s also my responsibility to remember that it’s not my job to try to analyze the problems of others. 

The moment we become fully aware of our privilege is the moment we can use those privileges for good and try to ease the burdens of those around us.