Recent alumnae speak at first-year teacher panel

Colleen Roach, Staff Writer

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The Palmetto State Teachers Association hosted its annual, first-year teacher panel March 17 at Columbia College.

The first-year teacher panel is a group of Columbia College graduates who are in the process of finishing their first year of teaching. They offered advice about problems future educators may face in their classroom. They also spoke about issues that may arise as graduation approaches.

The candidates on the panel this year were Wendy Junor, Laresha McDaniel, Autumn Craig Godley, Marjorie Cooper, Chrystal Owens, Chrissy Causby, LaQuita Lindsay, Jessica Branson Turner, Casey Metts Parker and Amy Way.

Students moved around the room to hear from each panelist and asked questions in a one-on-one environment.

“I’ve been nervous about being prepared for everything I would face as a teacher. After hearing at the panel that Columbia College really prepares you for all that you have to do, there’s a weight lifted off my shoulders,” Emily Moore, first-year education major, said.

Panelists also talked about personal hardships that will be faced in a classroom that no form of education prepares you for, such as how to deal with troubling students or students who have an unhappy home life and come to you for advice.

“The realities that you face, the realities that the kids face and how you deal with them are things that can’t be taught,” Marjorie Cooper, a kindergarten teacher, said.

The panel adopted a new look. Originally, it was held in Breed Leadership Center room 103 but was moved to room 201. Also, instead of the panelists seated at one long table in the front of the room, there were several smaller tables with two candidates per table. This was due to the number of panelists and the number of students in attendance.

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