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Columbia College students speak up about Inauguration

Sabrina Stevens, staff writer

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As the 2017 presidential inauguration ended late Jan. 20, Columbia College students were left with mixed feelings concerning President Donald J. Trump’s new administration.

“He made it visible in his speech that he wants what’s best for the country,” Christina Kawa, sophomore history major, said.

In Trump’s 17-minute speech, he made promises that he is giving America back to the people. He said he is “transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People.” With this new power in the people, he proclaims that everything the people want accomplished will be accomplished, making America great again.

“He made up for all of the blunders he made with this one speech,” Kawa said.

Yet, there were others who disagreed. Some felt his speech did not make up for what he said in the past about future plans for the country.

Some people in the nation are scared of what he might do since he has already backed out of some promises, according to Jessica Rhodes, junior child and family studies major.

“He says he’s putting the country in the hands of the people, but I question the kind and amount of people that those hands belong to,” Rhodes said.

Even though former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Trump won the electoral vote, which won him the presidency. Many people question his qualifications for the presidency, which has led to protests in D.C. and all over the country.

“Speech aside, I think he picked decent people to perform either at the actual event or the concert the day before,” Emily Durocher, junior biology major, said.

At the inaugural concert, the day before Trump’s swearing in ceremony, many famous groups, such as 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith, performed. Other artists who performed this year have performed at inaugurations in the past, such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Rockettes.

“I was really excited to hear that the Piano Guys had been asked to play,” Durocher said. “They are one of my favorite groups, and it was nice to see that they were trying to make it a worthwhile watch for everyone, even his opposers.”

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Columbia College students speak up about Inauguration