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Rachell Harglerode
Rachell Harglerode is a first-year elementary education major intending to minor in both psychology and media writing. Harglerode hopes to become a third grade educator with a focus on writing skills. When Harglerode is not attending school or doing homework, she loves to be home with her family and all of her animals. She enjoys petting every dog she comes in contact with and will eventually end up taking in more dogs than one human should have. Harglerode’s passion is creative writing. She speaks best through her writings and always puts a piece of herself into her creations. You can find Harglerode in her free time drinking iced coffee, taking a nap or hanging out with friends. Harglerode hopes to fill her first year at Columbia College with self-growth, new opportunities and lots of fun.

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Rachell Harglerode, Writer

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