Students express concerns over tuition reboot

Megan Robinson, Staff Writer

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After the announcement of tuition changes for the upcoming year, many students at Columbia College were eager to know how the changes will impact them.

“The email they sent out made me really upset because I’m graduating this spring and I suffered from high tuition and many loans and now all of a sudden, it’s changing,” Ashley Williams, senior communication studies major, said.

Williams has commuted every year because of the price of room and board.

“I just wonder if this tuition reboot would of happened earlier, could I have afforded to live on campus? Would my loans be cheaper? I understand their point, but it still doesn’t make sense to me,” Williams said.

On August 23, the college’s board decided to make adjustments and rework the entire financial aid process in order to appeal to prospective students and reduce student debt.

“At first, I was a little confused because all I saw was a different number and I thought to myself ‘that’s not what I’m paying,’ then after re-reading it and the second email, I could understand how my government money could go further next year,” Jessica Ellison, junior biology major, said.

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