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Mackenzie Shannon, Writer

Earlier this season I was able to see the Columbia College volleyball team win a close match over city rival Allen University, and it was a pretty cool experience.

Heading into that match up Columbia College was 0-8. The Koalas had come up empty in several matchups this season, getting swept 3-0 in seven of those 8 losses. The energy in the gym on September 24th was evident, with a packed house in the gym. The game was back and forth and close the whole time. 

Allen battled in the first set to win it 27-25. The Koalas responded by winning the second set, and their first set win at home this season, 25-13. They rode the momentum to victory in the third-set 25-21 before  Allen fought back to take the 4th set, 25-16. 

During the decisive fifth set, the tension in the room was high with chants of “Let’s go CC” answered by chants of “You know, AU!” The set started out going back and forth. CC would score a point, and Allen would respond with another point. Allen finally got a two-point lead over CC 8-6. But, the Koalas were not out of it yet. They continued to battle and score point after point. Each point motivated the crowd to get louder.

I could feel the fire from the girls on the court. They wanted this win. Up 14-10 and one point away from their first victory, the Koalas’, Brianna King went up in the air, hit the ball, and sent it flying.

Columbia College had done it!

Cheers erupted from the crowd; screams of pure joy came from the court, and the bench cleared in celebration. The Koalas’ first win of the season could not have come at a better time. And what a win it was.

Columbia College has three more home games this season, with the next being against Bob Jones University Thursday night at 6:30 p.m.