“The Criterion” accepts submissions for contest

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“The Criterion” accepts submissions for contest

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“The Criterion,” Columbia College’s literary and art magazine, is accepting work from students to be featured in the next edition.

The work that can be submitted varies from artwork, to poetry, to short stories and monologues. The contest is open to any students, no matter the major.

“So far we have nine submissions but we would love more,” said Lydia Royals, the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Royals and other members of the staff held a workshop for students to work on short stories and haikus Oct. 23.

“We are also working on the social media aspect of the magazine,” Royals said. “The Criterion” will soon be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“It’s been running since 1897 and is the oldest, continuously run magazine for a women’s college,” said Professor Amy Reeves Ph.D., assistant professor of English at Columbia College. Reeves is a faculty advisor for the magazine.

Although Reeves oversees the literary portion of the contest, Dr. Mary Gilkerson is the overseer for the art portion. However, Reeves said that the magazine is entirely student run.

“I manage the art side of the criterion, like art submissions and developing the design of the publication. We decided for “karma” to be the theme this year,” said Katelyn Bowie, “The Criterion” art editor. Submissions for art have already started to trickle in.

“This year, though, we’re opening submissions to multimedia like spoken word, video, dance videos, music. So I’m really excited about that,” Bowie said.

The first deadline for submissions is Nov. 25 and the final deadline is Dec. 5. Submissions can be emailed to the Criterion’s email address at [email protected]


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