The Hacking Continues; who’s next?


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Nobody is safe; You may have been hacked; the CIA has been hacked, the Democratic National Committee has been hacked; celebrities have been hacked.

“The U.S. government has formally accused Russia of hacking the Democratic party’s computer networks and said that Moscow was attempting to “interfere” with the U.S. presidential election,” wrote Spencer Ackerman and Sam Thielman in New York for the Britist Newspaper The Guardian. Ackerman is a national security editor for The Gaurdian; and Sam Thielman is a writer for the business of technology in New York alongside Ackerman.

It’s alarming that hackers can access computers’ networks to take information during a presidential election, shocking millions.

It is also alarming that iCloud, a network all Mac users have, is a means for hackers to access our phones and laptops without our permission.

ICloud is the Apple storage service in that all Mac, iOS and Windows PCs users can use in order to access all of your files, data and any device you have linked to another. Therefore, making hacking easier.

That being said, it is a great way for us to link our pictures and photos, but it is one way that YOU, also including celebrities, are prone to be hacked as well.

““Hunger Games” starlet Jennifer Lawrence was involved in an iCloud hack that was posted by 4chan. The site reportedly posted 60 explicit images of the 24-year-old actress. “This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” a spokesperson for Lawrence said in a statement to Buzzfeed. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Lawrence,” reported Amanda Remling, writer for International Business Times.

Although our phones are extremely useful, it’s better not to put your full identity into the handheld devices.

“Not only can your smartphone be hacked; it can be done very easily without your knowledge. It’s important to realize that the services your smartphone relies on are much more attractive target to attackers. ‘For example, the photo leak that happened from iCloud where a bunch of celebrities had their photos posted all over the Internet is the perfect example,” said Alex McGeorge, the head of threat intelligence at the cybersecurity company Immunity, Inc,’” reported Jennifer Schlesinger, a producer specializing in investigative and cybersecurity, and Andrea Day, a reporter covering crime and punishment for

“Your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge,” gives three ways that your smartphone can be breached, and they are:

  1. Unsecure Wi-Fi
  2. Operating system flaws
  3. Malicious apps

I, for one, forget that it is a bad idea to press “continue” when the phone is giving you a warning you “Cannot Verify Server Identity.”

“Despite the warning, 92 percent of people click continue,” reported Schlesinger and Day.

Take in this information and remember the above three steps, in order to stay technology-safe!

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