The Surprising Amber Guyger Verdict


Image from Dallas Morning News

Rayna Cason, Staff Writer

Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Botham Jean following a two-day sentencing hearing.

Amber Guyger stated that she was not paying attention to where she was going, assumed the apartment was hers and believed Botham Jean was an intruder. Jean, an accountant, was having a tranquil evening at his place and had fixed himself a bowl of ice cream. 

Let that sink in.

He was enjoying the comfort of his own apartment. He never could have presumed that his life would end that evening. Who had the authority to take his life? 

The incident touched a raw nerve in a country where many high-profile cases have concluded with police officers either acquitted, not charged, or having charges dismissed after murdering defenseless black civilians.

I am tired.

Black people are not safe. We aren’t safe on the street, we aren’t safe in our homes, we aren’t safe walking home. We aren’t even safe at the park.

Where can we go? Where are we wanted? Where are we safe? We are outraged.

You don’t have to be anything but black to be killed by those who swore to protect you. People who deny police brutality, your denial continues to harm us, because the police keep killing us.