Turbo Golf Racing available to pre-install on Game Pass

The countdown has started: Hugecalf Studios’ arcade-style racing game Turbo Golf Racing is ready to tee-off for Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on 4 August 2022, with an RRP of £14.99 | €17.99 | $17.99. It will also be available Day One on Game Pass, and Game Pass subscribers can now pre-install Turbo Golf Racing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Ahead of launch, Hugecalf Studios has announced the full line-up of Power Cores to reveal how players can pick and choose a combination of skills that suit their individual playstyle.

Power Cores are Turbo Golf Racing’s secret weapon: each one activates either Passive or Active abilities to help you perform above par… and score below par. Passive Cores grant ‘always on’ bonuses, while Active Cores are triggered with a button press, and players can sandwedge up to two Power Cores inside their car chassis: either selecting one Active and one Passive ability, or two Passive skills.

11 Power Cores are available at launch, unlocked by completing certain Solo or online challenges. These 11 Power Cores are:

Active Cores

Magnetises the ball towards your car

Quick Flip
Performs a quick flip or roll to gain speed

Creates a short-range shockwave which pushes your ball away from your car

Passive Cores

Big Ball
Increases the size of your ball

Curve Ball
Adds more spin to your ball, making it travel with more of a curve

Small Ball
Decreases the size of your ball

Spring Ball
Increases the bounciness of your ball

Straight and Steady
Removes spin from your ball, making it travel straighter

Double Dash
Allows the car to dash twice whilst airborne

Hot Head
Increases boost power, but depletes your boost bar faster

Sand Master
Car will not be slowed by bunkers

Experimenting with the interplay of different Power Cores is an important tactic to secure the advantage. The right combination of Power Cores enables racers to enhance their strengths or mitigate their weaknesses in the sprint towards the finish flag.

More Power Cores will be added to Turbo Golf Racing in the future as free content updates, alongside new Seasons, cosmetic items and even full courses.

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