Visibility for Our Student Athletes


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Mackenzie Shannon, Staff Writer

Within this small Columbia College community is a smaller community made up of athletes- 30 percent of the student population. We are held to a higher standard by our coaches and professors across campus. What we do is more than just play a sport. We represent the school every day and across the east coast; competing proudly for Columbia College.


In order for us to be successful, we rely on our coaches, trainers, and professors. There still is also a person who often goes unnoticed and works behind the scenes to help make each athlete successful. Deborah Wardlaw is Columbia College’s new athletic director. In an interview, she talked about her main goals for athletics


Her main push for athletics right now is visibility. She wants to make athletics more visible not only to the students and staff at Columbia College, but expand to the areas around the college, but also North Main, Lower Richland, and the Midlands.


Building a social media presence for athletics helps to reach students where they are. Almost everyone is on their phones and on social media, so by building a social media presence, the Athletic Department gains more attention. Not only has there been an increase in social media activity for the Athletic Department as a whole but also each team has its own social media to help increase visibility.


Six of the ten sports at Columbia College have games hosted on campus that are free for students and staff, but often the only people in the stands are family and friends of the athletes that are playing. 


Kirt Moody, professor of biology and the Faculty Athletic Representative, said that he already sees more people at athletic events than last year.


Athletes always want support from coaches and professors, but they also look for support from the student body. Support from the college is vital to the experience of student athletes. An environment of school spirit and support is unmatched. 


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