Why Obama’s accomplishments should make you think

Kimberly Rojas, Staff Writer

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President Barack Obama is leaving the White House after two terms full of promises for policy changes that drew many millennials and minorities to vote for him.

How many of those promises did the president fulfill during his eight years in office?

According to PolitiFact’s Obameter, Obama has made approximately 500 promises over the course of his two campaigns. He has managed to keep about 45 percent of them. Twenty-five percent have ended in compromises, and 22 percent have been broken.

PolitiFact is defining “broken” as promises for which legislation has yet to be passed and/or not put in place. Though it is important to note that some “broken” promises haven’t been for lack of trying, Obama’s disagreements with Congress have been well documented. The true effectiveness of the legislation that Obama has managed to pass is also a matter of dispute.

Promises Obama has kept:

  • Remove troops from Iraq
  • End the use of torture during interrogations
  • Strengthen antitrust enforcement
  • Provide affordable health care
  • Lower unemployment rate

Promises Obama has broken:

  • Introduce immigration reform
  • Close Guantanamo Bay detention center
  • Launch programs for paid family and medical leave
  • Pass gun control laws

Barack Obama is not the first president to make such promises that have not been kept. Voters must consider what their candidates are going to try to accomplish during their time in office and to try to make an informed decision.

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