Why you should finally ditch the digital books

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Why you should finally ditch the digital books

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Print is the gold medal, the first place winner and the ruler of the reading world.

I can tell you this all day if I want, but I would rather prove to you that print books are better.

So I have provided a list below of articles that prove through science, reason and the beauty of print books as to why print is better than digital. All these articles will help you see why I believe you should stick to print and ditch digital books.

  • Why Printed Books Will Never Die –“E-books are not simply a better format replacing an inferior one; they offer a wholly different experience,” according to Josh Catone, who has written about technology since 1998 for magazines, newspapers and web sites. Catone compellingly argues why e-readers will never take over the book world. He provides perspective from several others that give new and fresh views on e-readers and print books.
  • 10 Reasons Real Books Are Better Than E-books – “Long live the printed word!” states Heather Newman on Buzzfeed, which is an American Internet news media company that was founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti in New York City. I love this article because I can relate to nine out of 10 of these reasons. Sorry, books. I love you, but I won’t ever get a tattoo.
  • House of Book is a Magical Project Showing Libraries From All Over the World – Witness the beauty of libraries. Udi Tirosh, the editor of DIY Photography, which is a site for photography lovers that was founded in 2006, reports on a photographer that takes beautiful pictures of libraries in Rome. These pictures show books in their natural habitat and are stunning.
  • E-Readers Foil Good Night’s Sleep – We all love to get as much sleep as we can get. Elaine St. Peter of Harvard Medical School wrote this arfticle. Harvard, which excels in education and research, is located in Boston, Mass.. Peter reveals that reading an e-reader before you go to bed can affect how much sleep you get. E-readers can cause you to get less sleepdue to the light they emit while you read and therefore make you less alert the next day.
  • Study shows readers absorb less information when reading on a Kindle – When it comes to digital, readers absorb less information, according to a study that Bob Yirka reports on Phys.org, which is a science news website that includes 1.75 million readers every month who are scientists, researchers and engineers. I don’t know about you, but I know that I want to absorb what I read. Whether you’re reading to educate yourself or you’re reading for pleasure, what’s the point if you don’t absorb what you read?

Print has beauty that digital does not have, print is better for our brains, print is better for our sleep cycles and print is simply the superior format of books. So take the steps to becoming a book savior and ditch the digital.

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